We intend to hold the last branch meeting of the season at The Navigation Marple on Friday 22nd May commencing at 20-00.

We are endeavouring to have a guest speaker at the meeting, to give a talk and have a short Q&A session, this will be confirmed closer to the date

On the agenda will be the following:

Chairmans Address

Tickets – Home & Away

Season Tickets – Renewals and new T’s

Travel – Home & Away

Champions League Qualifier

Pre-Season Tour – USA

Charities – Chernobyl Childrens Project

Any Other Business

There will be some food for after the meeting


Well a hard fought 2-1 victory at Palace last Saturday evening, followed by the 1-1 draw between Chelsea and Liverpool see’s us on the verge of CL football next season.

Just 1 point from the last 2 games will suffice, but we shouldn’t be looking for only 1 point, lets get Arsenal turned over and then have a great week-end at Hull

There were a number of members who stayed over after Palace last Saturday evening and a great day was had by all. Some people flew, others drove but the bulk were on the train

For Hull away, it has been decided by some members to go to Hull on the Saturday evening, we have booked rooms in the Holiday Inn Express for the Saturday evening and back on the Sunday after the game, other members prefer to stay over on the Sunday evening, so we are a split camp, but sure we will all meet up before the game for a beer

CL 4th round qualifiers, should we finish 4th are to be played on 18/19 & 25/26 August, anyone thinking of going can they please get in touch to express an interest so we have approximate numbers for flights and hotel rooms


This evening there is to be a meeting at the Navigation, Marple, start time 8pm.

One of the key items will be ST renewals, with only a month to the deadline day can you please make sure Keith has you current CC details or Cheque payable to Manchester United for the amount of the renewal, if Keith is going to be handling the renewal for you.

Keith will send e-mails or phone those people without e-mail addresses to renew there ST’s and advise of the balance of transactions during the season as applicable

Chernobyl Childrens Project have some fund raising items, so please support them if you can – see attached flyers

Chernobyl Childrens Project


City at home, Chelsea and Everton away, a total of over 3,000 miles in 15 days, what am I thinking about. Each trip meant 2 flights home, train hotel and plane back for city, overnight stay for Chelsea and a mad dash from Goodison yesterday back to Manchester airport to get the 17-20 shuttle and connecting flight to Madrid, which we just made. Another day of liquids from breakfast time, which is fast becoming the norm.

It all started of well, beating city at home, made the journey back ok, even if I didn’t get to the hotel til 22-00 hours and was up at 4 the next morning to get the 6-20 to Madrid

Chelsea, easy trip, thought we played really well, with the injuries we had and were very unlucky not to get something from the game

Came to Everton with the high hopes of getting something if we played like we did for the past 4 games, where did it go wrong. We didn’t get into the game, we were harried and hustled for the 90 minutes, may have been different had Fellaini scored soon after Everton took a 1-0 lead, but it wasn’t to be.

4 games to go, West Brom at home, followed by Palace away, Arsenal at home and the last game of the season Hull away. So about another 3,000 miles and we have cracked the season,

Not going to add up the cost of travel for Lise and I, but I am sure it is mind boggling.

Lets get behind the lads on Saturday evening and here’s hoping that a couple of the injured players are back, we just seem to have lost a bit of shape, have a great week and see you all soon