After the honeymoon period of Ole taking charge, we are back to where we were in early December.

Do the players really care about the club, are they paid to much for doing so little. We all work hard to be able to afford to go and support the team, but some of the players just don’t seem to care, they draw there fat pay cheques every week and don’t seem to care about the ordinary supporters or in fact the name on the shirt they pull on each week

For someone who has been going to watch the lads for over 60 years, I thought Sunday was the worst we have ever played, not the worst team, but for effort, commitment, passion, caring, they just weren’t there.

A big clear out is needed, let the players make their choice, if they don’t want to play for the biggest club in the world then get shut of them, even if it means playing some of the less experienced youth player, at least we know they will have a go and give there all for the shirt.

I will be glad to see this season over, but hope that when we go on pre-season tour that there are new faces, some old ones gone and that youth is given a chance

4 games to go and I honestly think he top 4 is beyond us, but it would be nice to see the team at least trying to put it all together and get up there

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