I hope everyone in the branch plus your friends and relatives are all well and no one has any symptoms of the virus.

We have heard of some United fans who have contracted it, one is in an induced coma in Wythenshawe hospital, so it is affecting people that some of us know

It is a hard time, Lise and I are back in the UK from Madrid, and we have been self isolating for the past 12 days, I have only been going out to attend the clinic twice a week to get the bandages changed on my leg.

Social distancing is the key to fighting this virus, so for the foreseeable future there will not be any branch meetings.

I know we live in a large open area, but the decease can still be spread, just by being to close to other people whilst you are out

With Season Ticket renewals due on the 1st May anyone paying cash will need to get it to me in time for me to bank it and then pay by one of my own credit cards or cheque.

The season may start again, but I feel it will not be with spectators watching the games in the stadium, so we will see what the club decide to do about the cup games we have paid for and the remaining premier league games

Keep safe and if you are one of the people on the high risk listing, please self isolate for the full 12 weeks, don’t risk getting ill, we want to see everyone once this is all over

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